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Mastery of traffic generation (TG), or the ability to bring qualified buyers to your offer (a product or service), is the one single skill that virtually forms the backbone of marketing industry, whether on-line or off-line. Blunt and harsh it may sound, unless you have this “crowd pulling” skill in plenty, you will hardly make any profits, no matter whatever or however great your offer is!

Thanks to advancement in Internet technologies, what once used to be a top-secret restricted only to Internet marketing gurus and big companies is now open to anyone who wants to cash in on this very important skill. The problem, though, is either there are too many TG courses sold as half-baked bits and pieces, or a very few detailed ones that are way too expensive and may involve extra spending down the line to implement what they teach and are therefore best reserved for people with deep pockets and not for anyone just starting out.

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In our unending search for something that was both detailed as well as affordable to masses in terms of cost, ease of implementation, and long-term returns, what we came across really shocked us – a FREE TG coaching program for ONE FULL MONTH, a rarest of rare gems to be found on the Internet when every other make money opportunity out there is trying to run away with our $37 promising riches untold while peddling that 14-click get rich overnight software that gets banned from ClickBank, FaceBook, Pinterest, online forums, Twitter, and YouTube because all they teach you is how to post offending content which is spamming and violates these web sites' terms and conditions!

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Russell’s Brunsen’s DotComSecretsX (DCSX) Challenge is currently one of the hottest make money online business opportunities with one sole mission – to coach you for full 30 days and help you reach a modest goal – EARN YOUR FIRST $100 in online profits! Yes, for thousands out there, turning in their FIRST EVER $100 WITHOUT GETTING SCAMMED is really a big deal that brings in a sense of great achievement and sends a strong message to many negative thinkers that Internet Marketing DOES work, provided you are able to properly FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Successful) and not get distracted by another $37 scam thrown at you.

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IMPORTANT: One of the most frequently asked questions about DCSX is whether it is really free?! Considering the fact that you will be coached for full 30 days by an Internet marketing expert who generates upwards of $10 million (eight figures) a year, DCSX is as close as you can get something for free, like first module of a high-end TG course for free in the form of a coaching for full 30 days. There is a micro-investment of $2 for first month – with the $1 going to fund poor children's education program and the other $1 to fund for a 30-day trial of a third party service NOT provided by DCSX creators.

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This online business automation service, called an auto-responder (AR), handles automatic signing up people visiting your website and interested in the offer you are promoting, sending automatic messages, and collecting and building a list of prospective leads and/or eventual customers. This whole process is what the Internet Marketers call "list building." Time again, it has been proven that marketers with bigger list of qualified leads and buyers make more profits! Nowadays, an AR service is a MUST HAVE tool for long-term success in any online business.

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DotComSecretsX Results: A great majority of the people who attended the 1-hour webinar (online presentation) and took the 30-day DCSX Challenge and followed the program for FULL 30 days as instructed have either turned in their first $100 profit or more much before the trial ended, thus paying for future installments, or acquired a VERY important lifetime skill of generating qualified buyer traffic or both. This one important skill can help you market your offers far and wide – whether you are an affiliate marketer, a freelance professional, a business owner, a service provider, or someone just entering the vast world of Internet Marketing.

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